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2020 has been a challenging year, let me say draining and depressing to sum it all up. if there is anything I learnt was not to take this life for granted. Every moment counts and is important, postponing tea and coffee moments with family and friends is a no in the near future. Spending time with one another and valuing relationships is far more important compared to the “I should have made time” for they will be gone and gone forever. The Corona Virus took families and friends, people lost jobs and we were all covered with fear and grief. The intake of vitamins, herbs and immune concoctions became a must in our daily routine, all the things that we took for granted quickly became a must. Who knew what tomorrow will be like? We all closed our doors and hibernated in fear of the unseen. One thing for sure……If a certain activity or anything brings you joy and peace DO IT , do not wait for tomorrow for tomorrow is not guaranteed. LOVE WHAT YOU DO. DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

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